Treated Muslin Buffs

Specially treated to enable fast cutting, these buffs have an inherent stiffness to withstand rugged use. Additional stitching gives the added advantage of maintaining trueness. Available in leather or shellac centers.

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Elmasonic E-series

The NEW Elmasonic E series has these latest features for quicker improved cleaning results Microprocessor controlled 37khz transducer power, self regulating generator Electronic diode display for time and temperature Auto-start temperature controlled / temperature selection

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Radial Bristle Discs

Radial Bristle discs can be used for cleaning, finishing, blending and polishing. Produce a high quality finish on gold, silver, platinum. Reduces loading and smearing even at high speed No messy compounds or chemicals are required. Long life with consistent performance. Lubricate with water. Speed 10,000-max 20,000 rpm

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Adalox Discs

Made of aluminum oxide, red brown in color. Resin bonded on to thin flexible back paper. Discs are long lasting and water resistant Suitable for smoothing and polishing non-ferrous and precious metals. Max. speed 20,000 rpm

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Grs Products

A versatile work holding system, loaded with features that instill confidence while stone setting and doing all kinds of jewelry repair. All steel construction with smooth teflon bearings contribute to a sturdy, rugged, rotating device that quick locks in any required position. Select from four kits.

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Wolf’s Belt Sander

This compact and convenient belt sander is ideal for sprue grinding, model making and bench work. It is powered by a flex shaft and easily attaches with the quick change collar. Clamps to the workbench and positions to any angle. Easy belt changing and tensioning.

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Bur Kit-High Speed Steel

TKit contains the most popular sizes in specific shapes. All have 3/32” shanks which will fit most flexible shaft handpieces.

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Grs® New Product Line

Mettler® Scales

Plating Solutions

Otec® Tumblers

Ikohe Mini Tumbler

Bergeon®  Watch Tools